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Litti Chokha ( 1 Plate - 4 Pcs )

Version: Without Ghee

Product details

Litti Chokha is a traditional dish from the Indian state of Bihar. It is a popular and beloved dish that holds cultural significance in the region. Litti Chokha consists of two main components: litti and chokha.

Litti Chokha is indeed a Bihari delicacy that's worth savoring and enjoying. The combination of roasted wheat flour balls (litti) stuffed with flavorful roasted gram flour (sattu) and the spiced mashed vegetables (chokha / bhartha ) creates a unique and delicious culinary experience. The roasted and rustic flavors of the roasted vegetables complement the hearty litti, making it a wholesome and satisfying meal

Litti Chokha is often served together as a complete meal. Some take litti  broken open and dipped into the chokha &  Ghee before being eaten. It is a hearty and flavorful dish that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Litti Chokha is not only a delicious food but also a part of the cultural heritage of Bihar and neighboring regions.

Shelf Life  2 - 3 days (Once opened, store in a air tight container & keep in cool,dark place or refrigerate). 

Ingedients : Atta (Whole Wheat Flour) , Sattu (Raosted Gram Flour) , Salt , Spices 

Pure Ghee ( this is applicable only with Pure Ghee Version ) 

Chokha/ Bhartha ( Raosted Brinjal , Toomato , Potato , Garlic , Green Chilli ) 



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